The most important thing is for you to know YOU ARE NOT ALONE. There are many of us who have healed our children or are continuing to heal our children. If you are new to this, some of the best advice we have received when first beginning this journey is to prepare yourself for a marathon.

You can do this.

Connection and support

Social Media: a plethora of support and information

Partner Websites: information on definitions, symptoms, testing and treatment

Support Group Meetings: local gathering of parents/caregivers of children with P/P, details available via our newsletter emails and our public facing Facebook page

  • Portland, Typically 3rd Sunday of the month in downtown PDX

  • Bend, TBD


Pacific northwest


  • PANDAS/PANS Providers

    • For a list of local providers treating PANDAS/PANS, please email us. In order to protect providers privacy we have chosen at this time to not display their names on our website without their prior approval.  

    • Alternatively, use the Oregon Facebook group or the Northwest PANDAS/PANS Parents Facebook group to obtain parent feedback on current providers in our region.

  • Emergency Care/Hospitals-we are working at this time to identify hospitals and emergency rooms that are sensitive to, and knowledgeable of or able to treat PANDAS/PANS. Many families have reported unsatisfactory experiences at local Emergency Rooms for their PANDAS/PANS children. However, if your situation is a life-threatening emergency for you or your child, please call 911 or seek help at your nearest Emergency Room.