Who we are

We are parents of PANDAS/PANS kids.  Like you, we have been lost, terrified, devastated, worried, frustrated, angry, overwhelmed, and exhausted.  We believe that our children, your children—all children—deserve better.  

The founders of Northwest PANDAS/PANS Network (“NWPPN”) came together through a support group for PANDAS parents and were determined to create change for PANDAS/PANS families living in the Northwest.  Our mission is threefold:

* To raise awareness about this devastating disorder.

* To help families obtain appropriate and thorough care for their children.

* To influence legislators to ensure that PANDAS/PANS treatment is covered by insurers.

We are dedicated to getting PANDAS/PANS the recognition it needs and ensuring that children suffering from this disorder receive the care they deserve.  This means we need more PANDAS/PANS providers in the Northwest.  We need physicians who are curious about our children and compelled to educate themselves on this disorder.  We need to ensure that these providers are supported and protected so they can continue to care for our children.  We need hospitals that support PANDAS/PANS children and their families.  We need our academic medical institutions to lead research on PANDAS/PANS.  Last, but not least, we need more funding for PANDAS/PANS.  

 NWPPN operates in partnership with OCD Oregon, a local affiliate of the International Obsessive Compulsive Disorder Foundation. Together, NWPPN and OCD Oregon serve as a local resource on obsessive compulsive disorder and related conditions, including PANDAS/PANS, for parents, families, medical professionals, and others impacted by these illnesses.